My Hailary Website Gallery

My Hailary website¬† contains all the best paintings and jewerly works. I hope you’ll like them.

About me:

My name is Hailary and I am a professional artist. I found a love of drawing when I was only 6 years old and my love of art continues to this very day! When I was older, I undertook an intensive art education in Russia. My hometown is well known for its beautiful churches and old art schools, which I have drawn many pictures of, throughout the years.

In later years, I continued my education in Laguna Beach, CA, which is known worldwide as a center of Art. I really love all of the art galleries and exhibitions that are located here and often get my inspiration from the beautiful sunsets and great scenic views that are prevalent in California. Later I relocated to the wonderful city of Peniche, Portugal where I continued creating my paitings. Peniche is world famouse for its weather, surf & sun paradise.


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